Meet Cheryl

Cheryl Blossom is an electrifying catalyst for healing who uses the 7 Chakras as a pathway for clearing painful and ineffective patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving. The Chakras are a foolproof way to clear old energy patterns, get you unstuck, and open up the flow of Divine Energy to provide you with healing, love, power, and joy!  

Silhouette of a man meditating with seven colorful chakras upon ocean by red sunset

Cheryl provides unique systems that have clients create a profound relationship with their Higher Self, connect and listen to their inner wisdom, heal, and create a life they love.

Her clients love her humor, enthusiasm, generosity and wide-open heart.  Along with a Master's Degree in Psychology & Therapy, a Dr of Divinity, and close to 40 years of being a therapist, Cheryl was the founder of the healing center: The Blossom Institute. She now brings her many years of expertise into her Blossoming Wisdom Courses.

In her Wisdom Courses, Cheryl has created blueprints and systems that help clients get grounded, know their power, expand their awareness, skillfully communicate, get clear on their life purpose, master their psychology, and get connected to their higher guidance.

She is a mystic, teacher and healer that is gifted in providing practical guidance for her clients to love their life as they excel in manifesting their dreams.

Cheryl is a published author: A Guide to Personal Transformation; Kiss Your Fights Goodbye, and Insiders' Secrets to a Great Relationship! You will also find a chapter of Cheryl's relationship wisdom in Lisa Sasevich's New York best seller: The Live Sassy Formula!  

Cheryl has supported the healing of many different people's challenges... not only at her healing center, The Blossom Institute, but therapy patients at Napa State Hospital and Kaiser Hospital in San Francisco. While working with a patient who was in a coma at Kaiser Hospital he came out of his coma.  

The location of the chakras on the human body vector image

Her key clients have included Patsy Ramsey when her daughter was kidnapped, as well as staying in one of England's castles and working with some of the Royal Family.  

She was the regular relationship expert on the TV show: The Plush Life, & radio show: Skirted Issues where she became a well-known and favorite TV and radio personality.  

Cheryl has traveled throughout the United States and Europe teaching and facilitating transformation through classes, workshops, meditation retreats, and personal healing sessions. Her exceptional track record and experience is invaluable.

Interesting Tidbits of Cheryl's History:

She worked for the Hunger Project where she was a Ending Hunger Briefing Leader. She led briefings to raise people's consciousness about ending hunger all across the US.She helped organize and run in The World Runner's Transcontinental Relay from California to the UN in New York.

The World Runner's Transcontinental Relay raised money, awareness, and support for the UN's policies for ending world hunger.  She was co-director of World Runner's Moscow Marathon Project where she organized and took over 300 runners from 22 countries to the Soviet Union to run in the Moscow Peace Marathon. (Helping to raise over 5 million dollars for different hunger organizations.)

Cheryl worked for Save the Children organizing 24 hour relays all across the US to raise money and awareness for the end of hunger and poverty.  She was president of the board of directors for Global Partners raising money and working in Kenya and Tanzania on many different developmental projects.

Certifications: Master's Degree in Psychology & Therapy

  • Dr of Divinity Reiki Master Teacher Multidimensional Awareness®
  • Bodywork Practitioner
  • Integrated Awareness Instructor
  • Dr Sue Morter's Healing Code's Practitioner
  • Instant Miracle Master
  • Peace Process Master
  • Ultra-High Frequency Energy Healing Master
  • Muscle Testing Master
  • Extraordinary Coach
  • Certification Big Money Business Coach Certification Levels I & II

2nd Degree Black Belt in Jujutsu In addition to teaching and having a successful private coaching practice,

Cheryl joined Christian Mickelson’s Elite Coaching team in 2015.